We finally understand why That ’70s Show was canceled

That 70s Show is one of the most popular American shows. It was a period sitcom that aired from to It covered the lives of six teenagers from to The teenagers struggle to lead a good life while finding their way through adolescence. Eric is the main member of the group, sort of the leader because the other teenagers hang out in his basement. He is also known to be overly obsessed with Star Wars. Being a good actor, Ayushmann Khurrana would be perfect for the role. Jackie is the youngest member of the group but nonetheless very bossy.

The ‘That ‘70s Show’ Cast Is Best Friends Goals IRL

Can’t find the survey about Point Place? Click here. When searching for the setting of a fictional location, the best place to start is with its creators, Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner and Mark Brazill.

Because they decided after 7 seasons of decent character development (for Hyde and Jackie mostly) they’d ruin it in the final season. Seems to me a lot of.

But where when the show was in episode, the two of them actually getting hitched seemed like unlikely. A source told Radar Online the two “despised each other,” while working on the show. How the two hooked up in real life is interesting too. After Kutcher and Demi Moore’s ugly split, Kunis decided to “bury the end” and contacted her former co-star. Good job, Jackie. Names were surprised when Donna Pinciotti’s end, Midge portrayed by Tanya Roberts , left during the show’s fourth dating.

Sure, Bob and Midge were a mismatched couple, but she wasn’t the type to just abandon her family. While her character may have gone down a shameful end, there’s the valid reason as to why Roberts left the show. According to E! True Hollywood Story , her husband of 30 years, Barry Roberts, was diagnosed with a terminal end.

She decided it was more important to care for her dating and spend as much time with him as possible, which we totally are. Lisa Robin Kelly, the first actress to play Eric Forman’s sister Laurie, also had to leave the show during production, but it wasn’t for names as touching as Jackie’. From , Kelly left the show quite suddenly due to a miscarriage and alcohol abuse problems, according to ABC News.

TV Rewind | That 70s Show: Formulaic television isn’t all that bad

Season One. Choose an Episode. Welcome to Point Place, Wisconsin, home of sweet, awkward high school student Eric Forman and his tight-knit if dysfunctional circle of family and friends. It’s the s, and Eric spends a lot of time hanging out in his smoke-filled basement with his pals: dim-witted Kelso, irreverently cynical Hyde, misfit foreigner Fez, spoiled Jackie, and girl-next-door Donna. Rounding out Eric’s world are his cantankerous dad Red, sweetly neurotic mom Kitty, sexy sister Laurie,

I’m going to say it again: Jackie PINING for FEZ. after he breaks up with her and instead starts dating a guy she has met for about a month and keeps doing nothing. And the show makes it look like if that’s fine and good for their already unbelievable relationship. That ’70s Show, Red Fired Up (2×24).

Episode “Fez Dates Donna”. Fez is surprised to encounter Caroline in the mens’ room at The Hub. When she says she still wants to be with him, Fez reminds her that it’s over between them; he loves Donna. If he’s lying, she’ll know, Caroline tells him, because she’s always watching him. Eric agrees to let Fez “borrow” Donna. The guys are sick of watching Jackie and Kelso act so lovey-dovey.

Eric proposes a pool that pays off when the lovebirds have their first fight. Fez thanks Donna for helping him out with his problem. Hyde observes that Eric’s going to be living the single life for a while. Bob, who’s been looking at the deed to his house, tells Red that it looks like he owns a couple of feet of Red’s driveway.

Fez and Donna have their first “date” at The Hub with Caroline glaring at them the entire evening. Eric’s enjoying his bachelor life.

That ’70s Show – Episode Guide

Welcome to a new Sitcom Tuesday! Even when later years were destroying his character by refusing to let him evolve, he remained the center. I wish I could say the same for him. Oh, and there are some nice laughs in support, too including an on-the-nose flashback that explains how Leo found marijuana. Mary Tyler Moore makes her debut in this offering as Christine St. What I like best about this one is NOT the gimmicky subplot where Red and Kitty meet their new neighbors… who just happen to be gay… and just happen to be played by two of the former Brady Bunch Christopher Knight and Barry Williams.

Wilmer Valderrama played Fez from ages 18 to Which cast members from That ’70s Show do you think changed the most during the 14 when she first portrayed Jackie Burkhart, the girly girl of the That ’70s Show gang.

The relationship between Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso is one of the most interesting and popular TV relationships of all time. The coolest thing about their onscreen relationship is that it led them to have a relationship in real life. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are now married with children which is pretty amazing if you ask us. It isn’t every day that celebrities meet on the set of the movies and TV shows they are filming and end up falling in love forever!

The relationship between Jackie and Kelso always seemed to be very shallow. When they first started dating, it seemed as though Jackie was only interested in Kelso because of the way he looked.

Can Alaya F Pull Off Mila Kunis’ Spunky Jackie Burkhart From ‘That 70s Show’? Check Out

Running for exactly episodes, US sitcom That ’70s Show was a huge hit for Fox from until Still the network’s second longest-running live-action show with Married Oddly, we’re now almost as far away in time from the start of the show as the show was from the time it was portraying. So what have the cast behind the kids and parents from Point Place been up to since it wrapped up? The actor played smart-aleck Eric Forman from the start up until the seventh season, though returned for a guest cameo in the show’s series finale.

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What do you get when you throw a bunch of teenagers from small-town Wisconsin into a dingy basement with nothing to entertain themselves but a TV and a bag of pot? More often than not, you’d probably end up with a lot of giggling and some crumbs between the cushions of your couch — but you might also get a pretty decent sitcom. Topher Grace, the actor who portrayed Eric Forman, described the appeal of the show’s characters by saying, “If you lived through the s or even just survived being a teenager, one of these characters could be you.

However, all good things must come to an end, including That ’70s Show. After an eight-year run, why did it all come to an end? Eric is friends with pretty boy Michael Kelso, stoner Hyde, and foreign exchange student Fez, along with the Formans’ neighbor Donna Pinciotti and snobby rich girl Jackie Burkhart. The show tackled problems that are universal to teens of any decade: relationship drama, issues with school, difficult domestic situations, and so forth.

But despite the near-constant ribbing and snarky jokes, each character cared for each other deep down. One of the best examples of this throughout the show is the relationship between Eric and Donna. As the cast got more professional opportunities and expanded their careers, they slowly aged out of their roles. The first season of the show took place in May of and premiered in The show went on for another eight years before wrapping up in Scott Feinstadt in P.

Hello Wisconsin: ‘That ’70s Show’ location theories range from Stevens Point to Pleasant Prairie

Head back to the days of bell-bottoms with Eric Forman, a gawky Wisconsin teenager who just wants to have fun with doofus Kelso and wiseacre Hyde. Eric gets a car, and the gang heads for the big concert. The gang plans a surprise party for Eric, and Donna has the perfect gift.

Jackie and Fez? When it comes to girls, Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) is probably the last person any girl would want to date: sexually obsessed.

Jackie is one of the two female leads throughout the show’s life, and a love interest of Michael Kelso. Jackie is a self-centered , spoiled , vain member of a wealthy family. She is generally insensitive to the needs and feelings of others, although regarded by many as attractive and fashionable. She is one of the program’s most conceited characters, and she can behave quite selfishly. She looks down upon those of lower status in her school and has been said to treat them unfairly, and on the occasions she has treated them with respect, she has not continued to do so for very long or only did it knowing that she could be rewarded for behaving in such a manner, such as when she ran for the title of “Snow Queen” but was utterly disappointed when she loses the election.

For the most part, Jackie only cares about herself, and fashion is one of the few other things that she is concerned about. She believes herself to be very beautiful and appealing and has been involved in romantic relationships with Michael Kelso , Steven Hyde , and Fez at different points in the series. She starts to change when she starts dating Hyde and by doing so, becomes cemented as a member of the group.

Even after her break up with Hyde, they remained good friends and she continued hanging around. She also becomes less shallow and cares about others. In the season 8 episode ” Fun It “, it is revealed she has had coulrophobia an irrational fear of clowns since her seventh birthday party. Jackie’s friendships tend to be complicated. While people might be endeared to her good heart and her triumphs over major life upheavals, her habit of being condescending to others keeps them at a distance.

That 70’s Show – Hyde Tells Jackie He Loves Her