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My husband and I have been married for 18 years. All the lovely gifts we registered for in are broken, obsolete or worn out. Our wedding china is in good condition because we rarely use it, but everything else is kaput. Back in , Brand X was the expensive new technology that every home chef wanted. But within the first months of cooking with Brand X, I realized that my pricey cookware had a lot of problems. Who knows how many chemicals were lurking in my cells, ready to pass on to my babies? The next thing to break was the stockpot, which met an unfortunate canning accident. The large saute pan died after I carelessly put it in the dishwasher. It was never the same again.

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I hope to post it soon. I have been using a set of Revere Ware that my mother purchased for me in The handles are welded on. The handle on my 3 qt pot just popped loose this week. Do you know if it is repairable? I have taken excellent care of my pots and am still using all of the set.

Do you guys agree that the / Revere Ware collection, which made The only piece is seems out of date is the fring pans, because they do not But I use the saucepans and stock pots there’s nothing more durable.

Note: If the following text overlaps the pictures, or the pictures are not at the right margin of the page, you need to enlarge your type size in your browser settings. Stove-top and oven-ware were typically heavy cast iron, copper, or bronze , while lighter tinware was used for kettles, cups, and tableware. Cookware was a later addition, coming after , and included skillets with heavy copper bodies, straight sides, and flat uninsulated iron handles.

Lightweight nickel or chrome plated tea kettles and coffee pots were also important products. These were made from multiple parts formed from copper sheet; soldered together, and finally plated with first nickel, and later chrome. Cookware then a minor facet of its business was assigned to the recently upgraded Rome Manufacturing plant in NY; which then became the headquarters of the Manufactured Products Division for Revere Copper and Brass, Inc.

Pot problems: They just don’t make cookware like they used to

I don’t own the whole set, but one pot in the set. It quickly dented somewhat, though I think I handled it with care. Then I read online that these are not like the old ones in our home back in the day. Indeed they are not and a lesser quality. So I got a few of the older ones, used, on eBay.

I have a whole bunch of revere ware pots/pans and right now I’m looking to sell one of them see how it goes and maybe list more. Does anyone know.

Revere Ware Cookware is known for its decades of durable products and excellent customer service. They have a year warranty on all product defects, which is going above and beyond as far as most people are concerned. Once in a while you will need to replace parts of a pot or a pan, but overall they are very durable. After years of use, sometimes the Revere Ware Copper Bottom will need maintenance. This surface can rub or scratch off if treated badly, not maintained or used a lot.

You can find Revere Ware Copper Bottom pots and pans many places. There are endless online merchants that carry both individual pots, pans, saucers, skillets and more as well as complete sets that contain many different shapes and sizes of pots and pans. They are such high-quality units that most people end up buying them to replace their full set of pots and pans or they buy them for gifts, such as a wedding gift.

The scratch resistant, stainless steel finish makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen. A lot of customers say that Revere Ware is the cheapest brand of quality cookware available. At the same time, they say that their Revereware pans are long lasting, sturdy performers that outlast all of their other pans. They love how easy they are to clean and how easy they are to cook with. If you are looking for a set of pots and pans that are going to last you for decades without breaking, scratching or falling apart, then these are the pots and pans for you.

The evidence is in the customer reviews that I will talk about below.

LET’S COOK: A ‘Revered’ cup of coffee

No, not that kind. I have had a life-long affection for pots and pans, sometimes bordering on emotional instability. Maybe it’s not really an addiction.

Each time a Brand X pot perished, I pulled out a piece of hand-me-down Revere Ware from the back of the cabinet. The pots and pans that my.

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Revere Ware

The cause was the cookware equivalent of multiple organ failure everything sort of died at once. The handles on the side began to melt or chip or otherwise crumble, while the interior started pitting and flaking. The death of a cherished pot is traumatic, and this pot gave us decades of loyal service. It was with us for 25 years or nearly 40, depending on whether it originally belonged to me 25 years or my wife

The little rubber feet under my big stand mixer, dating back to , were I began learning how to cook with Revere Ware copper cookware.

Random thoughts and meanderings that occur to me as I update my advertising cookbooks database. This booklet, Revere’s Guide to Better Cooking , 32 pages , probably came with the purchase of a set of Revere Ware pots and pans. The publication date is only a couple of years after the cookware’s introduction at the Chicago Housewares Show. The covers and the interior pages of the booklet all are printed with the patriotic color scheme of red, white and blue. Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated of Rome, NY was the manufacturer of the cookware at the time of this book’s publication.

The booklet has a short intro about the benefits of waterless cooking and why Revere Ware was the product that would ensure success in this area. There are a few recipes included as well as instructions on caring for and using the cookware. The positive attributes of the cookware were the copper clad bottoms that were good for even distribution of heat and the stainless steel which provided for “easier cleaning, greater beauty, greater sanitation. You can click on any of the smaller photos below to enlarge.

One page lists some of Revere Ware’s “Extra Features” such as the bakelite handles and the self-sealing lids. No hiding places for germs is an additional benefit. Tips for keeping your Revere Ware looking “Spotlessly New” are shown on another page. Preparing dried fruit, Baked Apples and Applesauce is shown on this page. This page shows an eleven piece set which was chosen by a jury of “influential women” as being a collection of the most essential pieces.

Revere Ware From 1968 to 1977

Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. These are the vintage pans that will last forever!

A vintage cookware quality saucepan or pot with lidRevere Ware – Limited My 1st grader is on school vacation and I got to have a special date with him.

The line focuses primarily on consumer cookware such as but not limited to skillets, sauce pans, stock pots, and tea kettles. Initially Revere Ware was the culmination of various innovative techniques developed during the s, the most popular being construction of stainless steel with rivetlessly attached bakelite handles, copper-clad bases and rounded interiors for ease of cleaning.

Coinciding with new series introductions, cost-cutting measures were implemented in the manufacture of the traditional cookware. The bakelite handles were changed from two piece to one, and the thickness of utensil walls and copper cladding were reduced. Transferring of its aluminum production from domestic to overseas manufacturing marked the beginning of the end. By the cookware subsidiary Revere Ware Incorporated, which had remained profitable, had been sold to Corning Glass Inc.

Within ten years Corning Glass inc. In World Kitchen became the controlling parent company of Corning. During this period Revere Ware suffered from branding incoherency, with nearly a dozen new “lines” introduced by before briefly leaving the market. Revere Ware has since been reintroduced, as World Kitchen currently as of offers select variations: Copper-cored stainless steel, traditional copper-clad bottomed cookware and anodized non-stick aluminum.

Identifying Vintage Revere Ware

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Essentially, Revere’s cookware lines relied on the existing tin lined copper cooking surface and old fashioned wooden handles through the ‘s, during which.

The first time I had coffee at Jan’s Aunt Florence’s home in Williston, I realized this woman knew the art of making a fine cup of coffee. It arrived at the dining room table in a bone china cup and saucer, steaming hot. Upon taking the first sip, it spoke to me and said “you need to be making coffee daily like this, it will give you mini bursts of pleasure with each drop. This is exactly what drip coffee has been doing for us in our home for the past 31 years. With the many ways to make coffee, we have stayed true to the drip method.

While visiting with friends in Fargo, we were served from their most stunning drip coffee maker, a Revere Ware drip-o-later coffee pot.

Revere Ware Pre- 1968

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REVERE® TEN-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ON TEMPERED GLASS COVERS cover, which breaks from heat within ten years from the date of purchase. of the phenolic handles and knobs of cookware or plastic covers for mixing bowls.

Your browser’s Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. The above warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, commercial use, or attempted repair. Also scratches, stains, discoloration, warping, pitting and damage from overheating are not covered under these warranties.

These warranties do not apply to the finish of the phenolic handles and knobs of cookware or plastic covers for mixing bowls. The owner must follow the Safety and Usage Instructions provided with the product. Please contact our Consumer Care Center for warranty claims. You may be asked to return it. Incidental and consequential damages are expressly excluded from these warranties.

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